Why Ruby Franke’s Estranged Husband Says He Became a “Resident Exorcist” for Her Former Business Partner

Ruby Franke’s Estranged Husband Says He Became a “Resident Exorcist”

Ruby Franke's estranged husband is coming forward with more details on her case. 

During an interview released last week by Washington County prosecutors, Kevin Franke—who filed for divorce from his wife in November—alleged that he acted as the "resident exorcist" for her business partner Jodi Hildebrandt

Kevin claimed that when Jodi moved in with the couple in 2021 after they had separated but were living under the same roof, strange things—like lights flickering, stuff floating and random loud noises—began to occur, calling his home a "crazy house."

"It was weird, and I hated it," he explained to authorities. "I became the resident exorcist, that was the title I came up with myself—I thought was kind of funny." 

When Jodi began going into a "trance," Kevin alleged that he would take care of it by giving her "blessings."

As he put it, "It was my job." 

Eventually, Kevin claimed that Jodi's issues—which would occur at night—became so frequent that Ruby began sleeping in her room with her. 

Kevin—who shares six children with Ruby—added, "It continued like that until I wanted to move on with my life."

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E! News previously reached out to attorneys for Kevin, Jodi, and Ruby for comment but has not yet heard back. 

Elsewhere in his confessional interview, Kevin also explained his wife's entrance into Jodi's religious "cult" called ConneXions (former clients of the service told NBC News that its ideals were based on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). 

"My impression at that time was this is absolute craziness," Kevin recalled. "This is a bunch of man-hating women that are just looking for excuses to tear down their husbands."


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In August, Jodi and Ruby were both arrested after Ruby and Kevin's 12-year-old son ran to a neighbor's home for help, and was found looking emaciated with duct tape on his wrists and ankles, according to the Washington County's Attorneys Office. Later, the boy's 9-year-old sister, who was referred to in documents as E., was found in the home also looking emaciated, and "petrified," according to authorities. 

In February, Jodi and Ruby, who both pled guilty, each received four consecutive one to 15 year sentences, totaling to four to 60 years in prison on four counts of child abuse. 

During their trial, Ruby claimed that she had "chosen to follow counsel and guidance" that led her to a "dark delusion."

Meanwhile, Jodi expressed her reasoning for not bringing her case to trial. 

"I did not want them to emotionally relive the experience, which would have been detrimental to them." Jodi said of Ruby's children in a statement. "My hope and prayer is that they will heal and move forward to have beautiful lives."

Read on for all the details on Ruby's case. 

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